Rastriya Poshak Ghar

Rastriya Poshak Ghar holds a much laid back history where it was first started as a vision of two young entrepreneurs to bring back the recognition of National Dress “Daura Surwal and Fariya Choli” which was mislaid behind in some pages of our country’s history.

The first ever revolution to voice out for the National Dress to be included into the country’s constitution was led by two organization-Rastriya Poshak Ghar and Sardhawan Nepal. January 1 2012, has been familiarly marked as the day for the first movement, for the vision and ever since the day has been celebrated as the Rastriya Poshak Diwas.

Over the six years, the vision has expanded its pedigrees into large mass campaigns hosted and chaired by great political and social personalities.  The campaign has marked its wave on every young generation to voice out for the country’s National Dress. The demand has been taken into consideration and has been a topic of debate for the political panel.

Rastriya Poshak Ghar and Sardhwan Nepal, legal partners of JARA Group have and is ready for more movements to voice out for “Rastriya Poshak and the day to be celebrated as Rastriya Poshak Diwas”.